IVVVO`s Forests

Before getting to the latest IVVVO´s release “Forests”, we want to drop a couple of lines about him, not only because he is a co-founder and artist from TA records but also because we want to share how glad we are to be intimate with a producer like him in the label.

Skinny, ISky, Mirte Mhas, Baliac (w/ Trikk), UUUU…maybe it would take a while to name a list with all the different alias and “faces” the musician choses to share his music, maybe because he is a compulsive producer or maybe just because he wants to spread his sounds in different directions, always with refined taste.

Focusing on his main solo project IVVVO, the two “V´s” in between in his real (portuguese) name reveal not only a small extension of himself. Actually a lot of stuff could fit in those two letters, like a dark storytelling, an industrial musical diary that materializes in music his illusions and personal experiences in love, pain, hate and joy. After three EPs and two singles the musician goes on digging and still hides in his archives probably hours of unreleased music, personal and intimate tracks that come out naturally in late nights, in a room somewhere in the surroundings of Porto in Portugal.

Before his next EP called “falls in the lava”, coming out in a unrevealed label from Austria, IVVVO is currently releasing Forests, an unsigned single coming out in three parts. Only the first part of project out, bringing a dark fairy tale of nausea, a ride in the swan, clearly different from his usually urban-escaping atmospheres.

Tired of “talking” about love, the musician told us that next year we will be making music for warriors, but because there are still eleven months in between keep tracking IVVVO on his soundcloud here.



About terrainahead

Terrain Ahead is an electronic music label based in Porto. We´re willing to explore openly the contemporary matters of electronic music in their multiple aesthetics.

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