Trikk “One day before London”, Q&A for Terrain Ahead

For sure our opinion it´s pretty much subjective, but those who had the privilege to see Bruno Deodato aka Trikk playing live act might understand easily why we consider him one of the most promising club faces for the next years with the portuguese stamp on it. Tomorrow he will be moving to London and instead of putting down some words on the blog about him we invited Bruno for a Q&A with Terrain Ahead to talk about raves, clubs, night memories, house, traveling, etc..

TA: So..why Trikk?

Trikk: Never thought that much about it, it came up naturally…I started showing my work to people and needed a name, Trikk came up just like that.

TA: Your music is pretty house-friendly but the first stuff I heard from you was more kind of techno related. What´s the role of techno music in your history as musician and producer?

Trikk: Techno will always have a very important role in my life and in all the musical aspects that interfere with it, before Trikk there was techno, Trikk was born with techno and there will always be techno on it, it will always be the basis for everything I create.

TA: Once, while chating with IVVVO, he told me that when you were younger you´ve been kind of in a “rave mode”, pretty deep in the early 2000´s scene, do you confirm? any particular story you want to share from those times?

Trikk: (laughs) I wasn’t in a “rave mode”, I guess I was in a enthusiast mode, wanted to know how it was, what was going on outside and in the end I guess I didn’t learn nothing musically speaking, that´s why after this period I stopped going out..I just prefer staying at home producing. Now that you mention IVVVO, there are several funny things that happened every time I was out, almost every time I would find IVVVO alone, by himself, usually in the same hours, but in different places…around 6 am there he was. We used to walk for a while, talk about life and we would go no matter where, nothing special, just curiosities.

TA: From Techno to House, how does that happen?

Trikk: Easily, there was a need of progression in my music which was to implement more UK bass and then I just started trying new stuff and why not house? 4-4 drum sets with different sounds…it was born naturally. But this does not mean Techno disappeared, there´s always something tech-related in my music, even if it´s only just the kick.

TA: How´s your work flow?

Trikk: Very basic..drums, melodies, bass and others…then there´s the this situation of making music all the time, even if it´s only playing the piano. Even when I´m surfing online I´m producing, if I´m checking a blog for example, I´m with the music softwares open, jumping from the browser to them and backwards, trying sounds, etc…Also I guess that to create sounds you sort of need some inspiration and not always it´s easy, so I just listen to music and start deconstructing it in my head, taking elements that I could use as basis for a new track.

TA: Ideally what would be the perfect context to see Trikk live acting?

Trikk: Pretty easy to give you some names for that…places like Berghain/Panorama Bar, Fabric or festivals like Sonar I guess that kind of places would have the perfect atmosphere, during the afternoon, night or day, I like it like that.

TA: Usually you play live act instead of DJ Set…what do you feel while playing live act?

Trikk: Live acting brings out freedom I guess, you can work it more and the interaction with people is really different, sometimes you can even bring out what people want in the very moment and I suppose that´s the big reason why I do prefer live act. I´m not against DJ Set at all, I just think there´s a big difference in being yourself for an hour or being you with others for an hour.

TA: Terrain Ahead Records has been tracking Trikk since the very beginning…can you tell us what changed since your first EP from Nightfall/Deepcut on TA last year?

Trikk: A lot changed actually because those two tracks were the my first two tracks as Trikk, it all began like that. I put down those two tracks in the same day, I was excited about presenting something good, new and different, something captivating. Meanwhile my music as been changing, it´s more house as you mentioned…I´ve been meeting more people from labels, reading more reviews, listeners and all that matters somehow, even if it is a slow process, it matters. But everything gives you a input, people on the bus, life around…and I guess that happened with me.Since my first tracks a lot of stuff as been happening and I´ve been changing as a producer, the biggest change is in my music for sure.

TA: You´re now releasing internationally and so far so good. Can you tell us more about that?

Trikk: After releasing on TA I released under Spagat Music, a Berlin based label, something that happened via Eric D’ Clark. I met him in Porto last year, he heard my stuff and passed it to Haito who´s the label boss and that was pretty much it…I actually released two EPs on Spagat Music. Those were my two international as third I´m putting out a 12” EP on the recently born ManMakeMusic, London and Berlin based by the hands of Julian Newman e George Fitzgerald, this will happen late March and I think it´s going to be a good launch to open maybe some doors in London.

TA: Soon you´re moving to London, what´s the impact that will have on Trikk?

Trikk: That´s true…maybe this point will mark the new change in Trikk sounds, or maybe not…I guess it will all depend on what happens there. I guess that I´ll have a lot of inspiration to work there…your surroundings and life around you it´s something that always gives you an input and now with the new EP coming out on ManMakeMusic I´ll open more doors, meet more people, people that were already inspiring me…I guess everything is a question of luck and work, it´s London, anything can happen.

TA: Good flight!

Trikk: thanks! 😉

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