COVA – Batria EP

Terrain Ahead releases today, for the second time, Batria EP by COVA and you are probably asking yourself why.

Before getting there, maybe it is indeed more opportune to introduce Diogo Tudela also known as COVA. The name itself pretty much reveals what he is “playing” about, the translation from the portuguese would be: “deep hole in the ground” usually related to “grave”. When I met him, a couple of years ago, he was pretty much exploring electronics freely. By that time, he was composing mainly minimal and in parallel producing tracks that could almost fit in the post-dubstep aesthetics, using max msp to create the sounds that would usually be programed and created from nil. In the past years, COVA as been somehow digging his own hole as a musician, crossing several platforms on electronics, willing to create something pretty much original.

Batria EP starts drawing this landscape where electronics, field recording and sampling meet up and talk chaotically in an intense and mathematical composition of sounds. The musician revealed us his wish to re-interpretate the previous edition on the Batria EP, adjusting it to the forthcoming and debut album coming out soon on TA.

You can dig COVA on our bandcamp and on his soundcloud



About terrainahead

Terrain Ahead is an electronic music label based in Porto. We´re willing to explore openly the contemporary matters of electronic music in their multiple aesthetics.

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